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Law and the Mexican Constitution, Ley y la Constitucion de la Republica Mexicana

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As we continue with our entries for the bi-lingual attorneys and lawyers in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur we have the following:
Continuando con lo mismo articulo ..54...ahora en English para los abogados y bufetes en Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo y el área de Los Cabos en Baja California Sur...
Article 54 - The election of the two hundred deputies according to the principle of proportional representation, and the system of assignment by regional lists, is subject to the following bases, and what the law disposes:
I. A political party, to obtain registration of its regional lists, must run candidates for deputies by plurality in at least two hundred single districts.
II. All political parties that get at least two percent of the total of the vote cast for the regional lists of the multiple electoral areas will have the right to have deputies according to the principle of proportional representation.
III. To the political parties that meet the requirements of the above two bases, in addition to the plurality results that their candidates receive, seats will be assigned by the principle of proportional representation, in agreement with the parties' national vote, and the number of deputies on their regional lists that correspond to each multiple area. In the assignment, the order that they candidates had on the corresponding lists will be followed.
IV. In no case may a political party have more than three hundred deputies by both principles.
V. In no case may a political party have a number of deputies by both principles that exceeds its percentage of the national vote by eight percent. This base will not apply to the political party by which, through its victories in single election districts, obtains a total number of seats in the Chamber that exceeds the percentage of its national vote plus eight percent.
VI. In the terms established in sections III, IV, V, and VI above, deputies of proportional representation that were assigned according to what is disposed in sections V or VI who leave office, will be replaced by these political parties with one of their own from the multiple areas, in direct proportion to the national vote that the parties received, in the last election. The law will develop the rules and formulas necessary for these effects.

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