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Law and the Mexican Constitution/Ley y la Constitucion de la Republica Mexicana

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As we continue with our entries for the bi-lingual attorneys and lawyers in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur we have the following:

Continuando con lo mismo articulo 26..ahora en ingles,  para los abogados y bufetes en Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo y el área de Los Cabos en Baja California Sur:
Article 26 - The State will organize a democratic system for the planning of national development that imprints solidity, permanence, and equity to the growth of the economy, for the independence and the political, social, and cultural democratization of the nation.

The purposes of national planning contained in this Constitution will determine the objectives of planning. Planning will be democratic and by means of the participation of the different social sectors; the aspirations and demands of society shall be gathered in order to incorporate them into the plan, and its programs for development. There will be a national plan of development to which the programs of the federal public administration will be subjected.

The law will assist the Executive in establishing the procedures for participation and popular consultation in the democratic system of national planning, and the criteria for the formulation, implementation, control and evaluation of the plan and programs for development. At the same time, the responsible organizations will determine the process of planning and its basis, so that the Federal Executive can coordinate by means of compacts with the governments of the federated entities, and initiate the programs' development and execution.
In the system of democratic planning, the Congress of the Union will have the power of intervention as determined by law.

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