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Law and the Mexican Constitution, Ley y la Constitucion de la Republica Mexicana

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As we continue with our entries for the bi-lingual attorneys and lawyers in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur we have the following:

Continuando con lo mismo articulo ..32...ahora en english,  para los abogados y bufetes en Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo y el área de Los Cabos en Baja California Sur..

Article 32 - The law will regulate the exercise of rights that Mexican legislation grants to Mexicans who possess another nationality, and establish standards to avoid conflicts of double nationality.
The exercise of duties and functions for which, by disposition of the present Constitution, may be reserved to those who have the quality of Mexican nationality, and do not receive another nationality. This reservation also will be applicable to those cases which other laws of the Congress of the Union specify.

In time of peace, no foreigner may serve in the Army, or in police or public security forces. To belong actively to the Army in time of peace, or to the National Navy or the Air Force at any moment, and discharge any duty or commission in them, one is required to be Mexican by birth. The same quality is indispensable for captains, pilots, owners, machinists, mechanics, and in general for all personnel who staff any ship or aircraft that carries the Mexican flag or merchant insignia. Also, Mexican citizenship by birth is necessary to exercise the responsibilities of port captain, and all the services of director of an airport.

Mexicans will be preferred to foreigners in equality of circumstances, for all classes of concessions and all employment, duties, or commissions of government for which the quality of citizenship is not indispensable.

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