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Law and the Mexican Constitution, Ley y la Constitucion de la Republica Mexicana

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As we continue with our entries for the bi-lingual attorneys and lawyers in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur we have the following:

Continuando con lo mismo articulo ..36...ahora en English,  para los abogados y bufetes en Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo y el área de Los Cabos en Baja California Sur...
Article 36 - These are obligations of the citizen of the Republic:

I. To place his or her name on the municipal rolls, noting the property that he or she has, as well as his or her industry, profession, or trade; and to place his or her name on the National Register of Citizens, in the terms that the law determines.

The permanent organization and functioning of the National Register of Citizens and the making of the document that affirms Mexican citizenship are services of public interest, and as such, they are the responsibility of the State and the citizens in the terms that the law establishes.

II. To enlist in the National Guard;

III. To vote in popular elections in their electoral districts;

IV. To discharge the duties of popular election of the Federation or of the States, which in no case will be unpaid, and;

V. To discharge the civic responsibilities of the Municipality where he or she resides, electoral functions and jury service.

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